RPIP Type Status Title Author
1 Meta Living RPIP Purpose and Guidelines Mike Leach, Valdorff
2 Informational Draft Rocket Pool Design Specification Mike Leach (@VVander)
3 Protocol - RPRC Stagnant SaaS Provider Standard Mike Leach (@VVander)
4 Meta Final Community Resolutions and Voting Mike Leach
5 Informational Living Protocol Governance Mike Leach (@VVander)
6 Protocol - Core Stagnant Unethbonded Minipools Ken Smith (@htimsk)
7 Protocol - RPRC Stagnant Withdrawal Address Escrow BrassLion
8 Protocol - Core Final LEB8s Valdorff
9 Protocol - Core Final Increase Deposit Pool Limit Ken Smith, Darren Langley
10 Meta Living pDAO Budget Allocation jasperthegovghost, Valdorff
11 Meta Obsolete Incentive Management Committee Charter jasperthegovghost, Valdorff
12 Protocol - Core Stagnant Atlas Update Valdorff, Kane Wallmann
13 Protocol - Core Stagnant Supernodes (SaaS) Kane Wallmann
14 Meta Final Temporary pDAO Guardian Reassignment Mike Leach
15 Meta Obsolete Creation of Grants and Bounties Management Committee Calurduran, Valdorff
16 Protocol - Core Final Change Protocol Settings for Atlas Ken Smith, Valdorff, Darren Langley
17 Meta Final Self-limiting Rocket Pool Valdorff
18 Meta Obsolete Updating of Grants Management Committee Calurduran, Valdorff
19 Protocol - Core Final oDAO Health Clarity Valdorff
20 Meta Final Updated Incentive Management Committee Charter Valdorff
21 Informational Final Understanding oDAO Vote Edge Case Valdorff
22 Informational Final Initial starting point "oDAO charter draft and more" Valdorff
23 Meta Final pDAO Charter Valdorff
24 Meta Living oDAO Charter Valdorff
25 Meta Final RPL Inflation Allocation jasperthegovghost, Valdorff
26 Meta Obsolete Updating of Grants Management Committee ShfRyn, Calurduran, Valdorff
27 Meta Final Fund Rocket Split (GA032303) knoshua
28 Protocol - Core Final Deposits Under the Minimum Valdorff
29 Informational Living GMC Grants, Bounties, Retrospective Awards Ledger ShfRyn
30 Protocol - Core Final RPL Staking Rework Valdorff
31 Protocol - Core Final RPL Withdrawal Address Darren Langley, Kane Wallmann
32 Protocol - Core Final Stake ETH on behalf of node Darren Langley, Kane Wallmann
33 Protocol - Core Final Implementation of an On-Chain pDAO Kane Wallmann
34 Meta Draft Voted Operational Process Framework LongForWisdom
35 Protocol - Core Final Time-based Balance and RPL Price Submissions Darren Langley, Kane Wallmann, Joe Clapis
36 Informational Living Committee Membership Record LongForWisdom
37 Meta Final Protocol Development Darren Langley
38 Meta Final Modify or Decline Eigenlayer Integration (BA082401) Patches
39 Meta Final Bounty Incentives LongForWisdom
40 Meta Final Updating of Grants Management Committee 2 ShfRyn, Calurduran, Valdorff
41 Meta Final Committee Stipends LongForWisdom, Patrick_J
42 Protocol - Core Draft Bond Curves Valdorff
43 Protocol - Core Draft Megapools Valdorff
44 Protocol - Core Draft Integrating Execution Layer Triggerable Exits Valdorff, Mike Leach
45 Protocol - Core Draft RPL Burn Valdorff
46 Protocol - Core Draft Universal Adjustable Revenue Split Valdorff
47 Protocol - Core Draft Enable Forced Delegate Upgrades Valdorff
48 Protocol - Core Withdrawn Lower Minipool Requirements Valdorff
49 Informational Living 2024 Tokenomics Rework Info Valdorff, LongForWisdom
50 Protocol - Core Draft RPL Buy & LP Valdorff
51 Informational Final Current Rewards Tree Specification Ramana Kumar, Joe Clapis
52 Protocol Final Rewards Tree v9 Specification Jacob Shufro, Ramana Kumar, Joe Clapis
53 Protocol Withdrawn Rewards Tree v10 Specification Joe Clapis, Jacob Shufro
54 Informational Living Upgrade Informational - Houston LongForWisdom
55 Informational Living Upgrade Informational - Saturn 1 LongForWisdom
56 Informational Living Upgrade Informational - Saturn 2 LongForWisdom
57 Protocol - Core Draft Node Distributor User Fund Unbundling knoshua
58 Protocol - Core Draft MEV Penalty Guardrail knoshua
59 Protocol - Core Draft Deposit Mechanics Valdorff
60 Protocol - Core Draft Protocol Upgrade Guardrails Valdorff