RPIP-21: Understanding oDAO Vote Edge Case Source

Understanding the edge case where the oDAO can pass certain votes below consensus


Issue 5.10 in the Consensys Review of Atlas provides a potential for oDAO votes to pass without a proper consensus. This issue was misunderstood by community members (including the author of this RPIP) and led to an RPIP that was based on the misunderstanding (readable in the git history for RPIP-21). This RPIP will now serve to be very clear about what the issue is and is not.

What the issue is

  • A set of duties get the current member count when calculating if consensus has been met
  • This pattern means that if members vote (increment the numerator) then leave (decrement the denominator), they can have an outsized impact on a vote
  • Duties where this applies includes votes on network balances, network prices, penalties, and minipool scrubs (voteScrub for new minipools and voteCancelReduction for bond reductions)

What the issue is not

  • This importantly does NOT apply to upgrade proposals
  • Those proposals go through RocketDAONodeTrustedProposals.propose and _votesRequired gets stored as a part of the proposal, so they are not affected by Issue 5.10

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