RPIPs with the 'Living' status. Living RPIPs may or may not have been ratified.
RPIP Type Title Author
56 Informational Upgrade Informational - Saturn 2 LongForWisdom
55 Informational Upgrade Informational - Saturn 1 LongForWisdom
54 Informational Upgrade Informational - Houston LongForWisdom
49 Informational 2024 Tokenomics Rework Info Valdorff, LongForWisdom
36 Informational Committee Membership Record LongForWisdom
29 Informational GMC Grants, Bounties, Retrospective Awards Ledger ShfRyn
24 Meta oDAO Charter Valdorff
10 Meta pDAO Budget Allocation jasperthegovghost, Valdorff
5 Informational Protocol Governance Mike Leach (@VVander)
1 Meta RPIP Purpose and Guidelines Mike Leach, Valdorff


RPIPs with the 'Final' status that have passed a DAO vote.
RPIP Type Title Author
52 Protocol Rewards Tree v9 Specification Jacob Shufro, Ramana Kumar, Joe Clapis
41 Meta Committee Stipends LongForWisdom, Patrick_J
40 Meta Updating of Grants Management Committee 2 ShfRyn, Calurduran, Valdorff
39 Meta Bounty Incentives LongForWisdom
37 Meta Protocol Development Darren Langley
35 Protocol - Core Time-based Balance and RPL Price Submissions Darren Langley, Kane Wallmann, Joe Clapis
33 Protocol - Core Implementation of an On-Chain pDAO Kane Wallmann
32 Protocol - Core Stake ETH on behalf of node Darren Langley, Kane Wallmann
31 Protocol - Core RPL Withdrawal Address Darren Langley, Kane Wallmann
30 Protocol - Core RPL Staking Rework Valdorff
28 Protocol - Core Deposits Under the Minimum Valdorff
27 Meta Fund Rocket Split (GA032303) knoshua
25 Meta RPL Inflation Allocation jasperthegovghost, Valdorff
23 Meta pDAO Charter Valdorff
20 Meta Updated Incentive Management Committee Charter Valdorff
19 Protocol - Core oDAO Health Clarity Valdorff
17 Meta Self-limiting Rocket Pool Valdorff
16 Protocol - Core Change Protocol Settings for Atlas Ken Smith, Valdorff, Darren Langley
9 Protocol - Core Increase Deposit Pool Limit Ken Smith, Darren Langley
4 Meta Community Resolutions and Voting Mike Leach