RPIP-27: Fund Rocket Split (GA032303) Source

Appeals GMC decision on GA032303 and funds Rocket Split
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Vote Date2023-09-11
Vote ResultPassed

RPIP-27: Fund Rocket Split (GA032303) Source

Appeals GMC decision on GA032303 and funds Rocket Split


This proposal looks to challenge the GMC decision on application GA032303 (Rocket Split) and fund the project. During the July deliberations, the GMC misunderstood the proposal.


  • The GMC SHALL approve GA032303
  • The GMC SHALL pay 760 RPL ($19,000 at $25/RPL) to LIBlockchain/Ramana upon completion of the work on Rocket Split as outlined in the application.


The GMC explained its decision to decline in the results post:

Team is working on things that would make this obsolete

After talking to @jclapis in the GMC Public Channel, it became clear that the team is working on better support for SaaS (specifially many ETH providers and many RPL providers interacting with one node):

  1. Different withdrawal addresses for original ETH stake, for RPL stake, and for ETH rewards
  2. Multiple megapools per node (which handles the isolation they are looking for)
  3. Related, the notion of “managed” megapools which allow people to toss ETH or RPL at very specific units / validators instead of mixing it all together into one big public pool

These features don’t make custom marriages contracts (one ETH provider and one RPL provider) or a frontend for such contracts obsolete.

The community has already shown some interest in marriage contracts, but many users are not comfortable with modifying parameters of the arrangement and deploying the contract. Making them accessible and customizable through a frontend would add value. Please see the grant application or starting on page 9 of the backup pdf for more information on the application.

The application was submitted on July 6 and asked for 500 RPL without specifying a $ amount. At the time, this translated to $19,000.

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


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