ℹ️ These tokenomics RPIPs are currently being developed by the Rocket Pool community. Want to contribute? Check out the Discord Thread and Forum Threads.

Information and Overview

Depth Description Author
Intro Part 1 - Why Rework Rocket Pool's Tokenomics?
Describes the intentions of the original Rocket Pool tokenomics and their observed weaknesses since the protocol launched.
Valdorff, LongForWisdom, Jasper
Intro Part 2 - Introduction to the Tokenomics Rework
Describes the contents and benefits of the tokenomics rework at a high level in comparison to the original tokenomics.
Valdorff, LongForWisdom, Paladin
Intermediate Part 3 - Foundation of the Tokenomics Rework
Explains the core components of the tokenomic rework and how these are likely to affect node operators.
Valdorff, Samus
Intermediate Part 4 - Supporting Components of the Tokenomics Rework
Describes some of the supporting components of the rework, and why these are important.
Valdorff, Samus
Intermediate Part 5 - Glossary of Terms
Defines some of the common terminology present in the other explainers.
Valdorff, Paladin
Advanced RPIP-49 - 2024 Tokenomics Rework Info and Content RPIPs
Provides an introduction and overview of the 2024 community tokenomics rework, its likely contents, and its current status.
Valdorff, LongForWisdom

Content RPIPs

RPIP Status Description Author
42 Draft Bond Curves
Introduce smaller ETH bonds to improve capital efficiency for Node Operators while maintaining the security of the Rocket Pool protocol.
43 Draft Megapools
A single contract per node operator that can be used as an Ethereum withdrawal address for multiple validators. Also allows for ETH-only node operation.
44 Draft Integrating Execution Layer Triggerable Exits
Describes how execution layer triggerable exits (per EIP-7002) will be used within Rocket Pool.
Valdorff, Mike Leach
46 Draft Universal Adjustable Revenue Split
Allow the revenue from borrowed ETH (aka, rETH commission) to be split between fixed targets; the relative split between targets is adjustable.
47 Draft Enable Forced Delegate Upgrades
Allows protocol governance to force upgrade Node Operators after a Rocket Pool protocol upgrade takes place, and a grace period has expired.
59 Draft Deposit Mechanics
Describes the mechanics of Node Operator deposits and validator creation, including standard and express queues.
60 Draft Protocol Upgrade Guardrails
Introduces a delay after protocol upgrades have been confirmed but prior to them coming into effect.

Optional RPIPs

RPIP Status Description Author
45 Draft RPL Burn
Direct revenue surplus from borrowed ETH to buy and burn permissionlessly provided RPL.
50 Draft RPL Buy & LP
Direct revenue surplus from borrowed ETH to buy 90:10 RPL/rETH liquidity pool shares.