35 Time-based Balance and RPL Price Submissions Darren Langley, Kane Wallmann, Joe Clapis
33 Implementation of an On-Chain pDAO Kane Wallmann
32 Stake ETH on behalf of node Darren Langley, Kane Wallmann
31 RPL Withdrawal Address Darren Langley, Kane Wallmann
30 RPL Staking Rework Valdorff
28 Deposits Under the Minimum Valdorff
19 oDAO Health Clarity Valdorff
16 Change Protocol Settings for Atlas Ken Smith, Valdorff, Darren Langley
9 Increase Deposit Pool Limit Ken Smith, Darren Langley
8 LEB8s Valdorff


13 Supernodes (SaaS) Kane Wallmann
12 Atlas Update Valdorff, Kane Wallmann
6 Unethbonded Minipools Ken Smith (@htimsk)