This unofficial community RPIP lists the estimated contents of the Rocket Pool upgrade. This information has not been reviewed or endorsed by the Rocket Pool core development team at this time. This RPIP should be marked as Final once this upgrade has taken place.


The intention of this Living Informational RPIP is to collate the release-relevant information for this upcoming release in a single location for reference. While it is created as a community resource, the hope is for the Rocket Pool core development team to adopt this template and format to communicate about upcoming releases as and when it makes sense for them to do so.

Estimated Included RPIPs

TBC - List RPIPs that are estimated to be included in the release.

TBC - Include Audits, Code Repositories, Release Blog Posts, Upgrade contract, etc once they are posted.

Outstanding Discrepancies

TBC - List anything that departs from estimated inclusions once code is released for an upgrade. Should include

  • Unvoted minor contents / fixes that did not warrant their own RPIP.
  • Deviations (accidental or otherwise) from ratified RPIP contents.
  • Departures from the estimated inclusion list (eg unexpected inclusions, or inclusions being pushed to next upgrade.)
  • The current status of each of the above. Does it need to be resolved? Has it already been resolved? If so, how? etc.

Resolved Discrepancies


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